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Mrs Agbo Cynthia Biography : Nigeria Celebrity

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# Name : Ambassador Mrs Agbo Cynthia
#Stage Name : Hustler
#Nationality : Nigeria
#Town : Opi Nsukka
#State Of Origin : Enugu state #Single or Married: Married
#Facebook page: agbocynthia #Instagram page: infinitefilmproduction #Twitter: Infinitefilmac2
#Where do You. base: Enugu
#What Is The Area Of Your Professional Career : Film Making
#Why Do You Choose This Career : I have great passion in Talent Discovery for Young people
#Who is Your role Model: Late Amaka Igwe
#Career First Project : The Prince & Princess
#Years Of Experience : 25yrs #Your best experience in the Industry: Consistency in Quality from Editor, Dp’s and Director #Your worst experience in the Industry: Troublesome Actors on Movie Set #Who and who introduced You in the Industry: Late Sam Loco Efe and Thomas Okafor
#Are You under any Management or Label Name : Infinite Film Academy Production #what advice do You have for the upcoming ones: Believe in yourself that you can do better (21)What is Your views for the feature: Greater height in Movie productions with best Quality for Global Market

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