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Caften Biography, Career, Songs, State, Age And Awards

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Caften Biography, Career, Songs, State, Age And Awards


Nwankwo Collins O. known professionally as Caften is a Nigerian performing artist, rapper and songwriter from born on on 12 April, 1995 and hails from Ohaukwu, Ebonyi state.

Caften who is fondly refered to as Igbo Lil-Kesh due to his striking resemblance with Yoruba rapper, Lil-Kesh. Caften is notably one of the best astounding rappers in the East who are of the Ebonyi State Origin.

Music Career

Caften kicked-off his music career back in early 2014 and has witnessed massive growth since then owing to his remarkable talent in igbo rap music.

Through the years, the renowned Ebonyi rapper has pushed his way to the top with top collaboration with other popular artist both in and outside Ebonyi.

This has earned him the very spot of been refered to as the best rapper in Ebonyi and one of the best rappers in Eastern Nigeria.

Performances And Appearance

Caften Alancha has perfomed alongside top leading rappers and singers like Kcee, Phyno, Zoro and Flavourjust to mention but a few.

Due to his amazing talent in rap music Caften has also perfomed in top shows and events both hosted in Ebonyi state and top cities like Lagos, Enugu and other places.

His Recent show “TurnUp Concert” held earlier in October, 2018 is tagged on of the best show in Ebonyi due to it’s massive attendance and acceptance by thousands of his fans.

Songs And Collaborations

Caften has been dishing out good music to his eager listeners since he kick started his music career. From “Small Trouble” (which the video to the mad rap tune is already out) to “Turn Up”, Caften songs has always been a hit and his fans can say this with confidence.

He has collaborated with other top rappers and singers both in and outside Ebonyi state. Top Artists like Diclip, Niceflick, Wiffer, Koba, Jayninohas all witnessed the miracles of Caften rap in their songs.

He also has a collaboration coming with Top rappers like Phyno, Zoro and other igbo rappers and his fans can’t wait to listen them.

Other Top Songs By Caften Includes:

  • Don Go Pay
  • Goo
  • Ekelebe
  • Odia (feat. Jaynino)
  • Small Trouble
  • Maga Dis
  • Dance Floor (feat Koba)
  • Turn Up
  • Mboko
  • Awuru
  • Akpo
  • 2kRap
  • Okpekesis
  • Wire Wire etc..


Nominations And Awards

The 25 year old rapper who is currently based in Enugu has won numerous award both in and outside Ebonyi state including The Best Rapper in Ebonyi State, The Best Artist Of The Year in Ebonyi State and other outstanding awards. No year has gone by without Him been Nominated for one or two awards.

Net Worth

Much is not know about the exact Net Worth of the Ebonyi born rapper as he doesn’t seem to be one who flauts his possession on social media but one can surely tell the Talented Young Rapper is living Good off his earnings from his music.


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