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Chukwunonso Stanley Igboanugo Biography .

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Gist On Celebrities ;


(1)Full Name : Chukwunonso Stanley Igboanugo

(2)Stage Name : Stanley Igboanugo

(3)Nationality : Nigerian

(4)Town : Alor

(5)State Of Origin : Anambra (6)Single or (7)Married:

(8)Facebook page: Stanley Igboanugo (9)Instagram page: @stanleyigboanugo7 (10)Twitter:

(11)Where do You base: Lagos and Enugu

(12)What Is The Area Of Your Professional Career : Acting/producing

(13)Why Do You Choose This Career : destiny called

(14)Who is Your role Model: Plenty oo, Pet edochie, RMD, Nkem Owoh, Zack orji, Dansel Washington, late 2Pac, am attached to realistic acts.

(15)Career First Project : Onochie

(16)Years Of Experience : 6 years (17)Your best experience in the Industry: watching my self growing in the game. (18)Your worst experience in the Industry: after working for a particular producer till dec 26th 2015 he left and didn’t pay me a dime, I called him, he declined my call and never called back. (18)Who and who introduced You in the Industry: we introduced our selves lol, back then as kids my friends and I when we de go hustle 500 naira for one scene those days at presidential hotel enugu 2001.

(19)Are You under any Management or Label Name : No (20)what advice do You have for the upcoming ones: believe in your self, compete with your self, improve your self, fear God, love, care, always be humble and diligent, apply wisdom at all situation. (21)What is Your views for the feature: being like or bigger than my role models and also nollywood coming to Hollywood standards in all.

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