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Don Sylvester chinedu Nweke Biography – Nigeria Celebrity

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Nigeria Celebrity Profile :Truth about Don Sylvester chinedu Nweke

#Full Name : Sylvester Chinedu Nweke #Stage Name : Don Sylvester #Nationality : Nigeria #Town : Ishi Ozalla #State Of Origin : Enugu State #Single or Married: Married #Facebook page: donsylvesterrecords. #Instagram page: Chairman_dsr. #Twitter: @donsylvesternw1 #Where do You base: Lagos #What Is The Area Of Your Professional Career : Creative art #Why Do You Choose This Career : I chose this career because it was God’s talent bestowed upon me as a means to get away from the vices of growing up and as I became older I began to invest in the creative arts industry to assist the youths who seem to be lacking the opportunity to express their craft so the world can benefit from the abundance God has made available for us. #Who is Your role Model: 50 cent #Career First Project : DSR all stars #Years Of Experience : 10years #Your best experience in the Industry: The best is yet to come #Your worst experience in the Industry: We don’t have worst experiences at DSR, we have learning experiences and they are quite a hand full of them #Who and who introduced You: Hahaha, God introduced Me #Are You under any Management or Label Name : Yes, Don Sylvester Records #what advice do You have for the upcoming ones: Be focused, keep reinventing yourself even if it seems like nobody is paying attention keep grinding, it would eventually pay off. #What is Your view for the feature: Blossom.

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