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Ginimbi’s sister Shares Photo of her Last Chat with Him, Before he died in a Car Accident.

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Friends, fans and well wishers of Zimbabwean businessman Genius Ginimbi are presently mourning the demise of the businessman who recently passed away in a car accident while driving his Rolls Royce. Ginimbi sister, Niela has disclosed a screenshot of her last conversation with her brother before he passed away in the unfortunate car accident.

Genius Ginimbi Kadungure was the Chairman of Piko Trading Holdings and his sister’s name is, Niela Kadungure. Niela and her brother seem to have been really close as she often shared photos of herself at her brother’s mansion, taking photos with his luxurious vehicles.

Following news of her brother’s demise, Niela released a screenshot of her last chat with her brother before the accident which eventually claimed the businessman’s life.


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