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I thank God Almighty for using my good friend to bring at ends of 4years and 9Months poison in my body – Chime Giland .

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Gist On Celebrities:

God Almighty have use a good friend to give me a free traditional drugs that clear off every poison in my body . After taking the traditional drug i witness automatic moving object going down out from my heart breathing . Sincerely It was like a hell during the time i was facing bad challenges at result of the poison in my body for 4years and months . Many evil friends and enemies use the opportunity of my predicaments to spread different type of fake news just to damage my name for nothing ,though i have strong faith and focus that one day God will bring a solution to my predicaments which God have already done it by bringing a helper .

The truth is that the poison the gave to me is not a Child poison, and those people responsible for the poison are busy monitoring me and spreading fake news . But what still surprise those that gave me the poison is that in all their evil plans am still alive .

If not the gift of God i herited from my fathers compound and my mothers compound also a constant prayers of my elder Sister towards me that kept me alive for 4years ago i would have be a dead man by now . but sincerely i suffered a hot pain inside my body for those years .

I believe my healing is permanent, but if it continued that means i need to go and answer my call either as pastor or the traditional way .




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