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Nigeria Celebrity Profile : Gospel Onyeanusi , Is One Of The Most Popular Nigeria Gospel Singer .

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#Full Name : Gospel Onyeanusi
#Stage Name : Dogo
#Nationality : Nigeria
#Town : Ngodo Isuochi in Abia state
#State Of Origin : Abia #Single or Married: married
#Facebook page: Gospel Onyeanusi #Instagram page: Onyeanusigospel
#Where do You. base: Enugu
#What Is The Area Of Your Professional Career : Acting/ producing
#Why Do You Choose This Career : It has always been my dream to venture into Acting
#Who is Your role Model: RMD
#Career First Project : Ragae boys
#Years Of Experience : 16 years #Your best experience in the Industry: working alongside Liz Benson, KOK, Hilda Dokubor, Onyeka Onwenu on the same set #Your worst experience in the Industry: the day a car ran over one of us at Macdavous Hotel Enugu and she died #Who and who introduced You in the Industry: we started as stage performers and on the process we got hooked with Nigeria Actors Guild(NAG) that was it’s name then before it changed to Actors Guild of Nigeria(AGN)
#Are You under any Management or Label Name : No #what advice do You have for the upcoming ones: to stay focus and resilient #What is Your views for the feature: To produce a movie that will impact the whole world.