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Nigeria Celebrity Profile : Meet Hottest Nigeria Raper – Caften.

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# Full name: Nwankwo onyebuchi Collins
# StageName: Caften
# Nationality : Nigeria
# Town : Abakaliki
# State of Origin: Ebonyi state #Single or Married: Single
# Facebook page:
# Instagram:
# Twitter:
# where do You Base: Enugu state
# What Is the Area of your professional career: Music Rap Artiste
# Why do u choose this Career: I chose this career because I want to be able to express my feelings through music and they said music is a medicine to the soul, so I intend to heal many souls and make them happy through my music.
# Who’s my Role Model?: Everyone out there who’s doing well in the music industry likes of Phyno, Olamide, Zlatan, Nairamarly Lilkesh and more
# Career First project: Anwuru (song)
# Years of Experience: 5years
# My Best Experience in the Industry: my several Award winning Nights
# My worst experience In the Industry: Since I started music I hv not experienced such break and Effects like I did this corona Virus period, It really affected me in all., it was a bad experience
# Who Introduced me to the Industry: No one Introduced me
# Are my under any Management or Record label?: Yes. Am signed to Don Sylvester Records
# What’s my Advice for upcoming ones?: My advice to them Is to Keep pushing, Don’t Give up consistency is the key 🔑
#what’s my views go the future: To do more and Win more