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Nigeria Celebrity Profile : Meet Kingsley Chidera An a Nollywood Movie Producer , Film Director , Executive Producing and Cinematography.

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(1)Full Name : Kingsley Chidera Nnebo
(2)Stage Name : Director Kay
(3)Nationality : Nigerian
(4)Town : Enugwu-Ukwu
(5)State Of Origin : Anambra
(6)Single or (7)Married: Yes
(8)Facebook page:
(9)Instagram page:
(11)Where do You. base: (ENUGU)
(12)What Is The Area Of Your Professional Career: Producing, Directing, Executive Producing and Cinematography.
(13)Why Do You Choose This Career: Because I want to contribute my own creative quota to the overall progress of this organization and its standards.
(14)Who is Your role Model: Myself
(15)Career First Project : Producer, “In the Act” (2012 Independent Film Project)
(16)Years Of Experience : 11 years (17)Your best experience in the Industry: Getting an AMVCA normination for a co-produced Movie.
(18)Your worst experience in the Industry: The Ravaging Effects of Corona Virus in the industry.
(18)Who and who introduced You in the Industry: Sir Obi Okoli, Brown Ene, etc.
(19)Are You under any Management or Label Name : NO
(20)what advice do You have for the upcoming ones: To always remember that Consistency and Character is the secret ingredients for Success.
(21)What is Your views for the feature: To turn more Dreams into Reality!