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OKEKE EBERE Biography ; Nigeria Celebrity

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1,Full name: OKEKE EBERE
2)stage Name:EBYDON
5)State of origin:ANAMBRA STATE
6)single or married: SINGLE
8)Facebook page: EBERE DON
9)instagram page:realebydon
11)where do u base:Enugu
12)what is the Area of your professional career:ACTING
13)why do u choose this career:I want to be a public figure
14)who is ur role model Genevieve Nnaji
15)career first project:The heart of men
16)years of experience:7yrs
17your best experience in the industry:
Facing the camera
18)your worst experience in the industry:I was given a role on coming to the location someone else has acted the role already
19)who and who introduced you in the industry: I introduced myself
20)Are you under any management or label name:No
21)what advice do u give upcoming one: Be urself and stay focused
22)what is your views for the feature:let us join hands together and rebrand Nollywood

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